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Marriage by the Book

    The information in this eight-book series of cross-cultural Christian marriage books by Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton helps couples learn and apply the Bible's practical wisdom. When these books are studied by individuals, couples, in class settings or in small groups, seemingly hopeless marriages are transformed and already satisfying marriages are enriched and deepened. The books are interactive, with many personal application questions scattered throughout. Each book has six chapters, making it an ideal six-week study.

Book 1: Laying a Solid Foundation

As you learn and apply God’'s foundational truths, you will begin to experience the joyful marriage God intends. Discover what it means to be "one flesh." See how to apologize without making things worse. And learn how to primarily focus on changes you should make instead of focusing on your spouse’'s faults. Bible-based Christian marriage information. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 162 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 2: Making Christ the Cornerstone

The Bible says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1). As you follow these guidelines, you will center your marriage in Christ and enjoy his blessings. This book provides encouragement and help even if your spouse is not a believer or is unwilling to follow God’'s pattern. Bible-based Christian marriage advice. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 136 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 3: Encouraging Your Spouse

Christian advice book shows six key ways to encourage and build up your husband or wife. Learn how to serve wisely, express love, show appreciation, demonstrate respect and prize your spouse above all others. Also learn what to do if you don't feel respect for your spouse. Bible-based Christian marriage information. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 144 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 4: Extending Grace to Your Mate

Everyone experiences disappointments and unmet expectations in marriage. Learn how to respond wisely to your spouse’'s faults, graciously deal with disappointments, and appreciate ways your mate does things differently than you do. Also discover how to conquer your anger and overcome jealousy and insecurity. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 148 pages. ISBN 1-930153-04-X) $12.99.
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Book 5: Talking with Respect and Love

Couples frequently voice complaints about their communication patterns. Either someone talks too much or too little. There are too many arguments, or there is never enough time to talk. Listening is a lost art. By following the biblical guidelines in this book, you will have conversations that are intimate and satisfying. And you will resolve conflicts as friends, not opponents. (Paperback book: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 158 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 6: Improving Your Teamwork

Discover the Bib le's beautiful picture of how a husband and wife can function as a team. Husbands, learn how to be a servant-leader. Wives, learn what "submission" means—and what it doesn't mean. Learn how to make better decisions than either of you could make alone. See how you can be like a couple competing for the Olympic gold medal in ice-skating. Create a partnership that brings beauty to your marriage—and inspiration to the world. Bible-based Christian marriage information. (Paperback book: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 198 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 7: Putting Money in its Place

God knows handling money is tricky. That's why there are so many verses about it in the Bible. As you discover and practice these biblical guidelines about finances, you will find yourselves living in harmony, free from debt. This practical book on Christian marriage includes easy-to-use charts and budgeting forms that will help you get your finances under control. (Paper-back: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 194 pages.) $12.99.
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Book 8: Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

Discover how to escape the world’'s corrupting influences and experience a close friendship, as well as enjoy a pure, romantic and exhilarating sexual relationship. Learn how—and how not—to approach your mate for romance, and how to get the most out of your intimate times together. Also learn how to escape the pain and confusion that often comes from past experiences of sexual abuse or rape. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 163 pages.) $12.99.
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More Books for Daily Living

Conquering Depression:
A Journey Out of Darkness into God’s Light

Do you feel "low" or mildly depressed much of the time? Or do you sometimes feel hopeless, as if you are trapped in the bottom of a deep pit and think there is no way out? Or do you often feel like giving up? The practical information in this Christian advice book will help you, with God's help, to escape a mild sense of depression—or climb out of the pit. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 130 pages.) $11.99.
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Defeating Temptation:
Biblical Secrets to Self-Control

Regardless of who you are or how old you are, you are engaged in a struggle between flesh and Spirit. Whether your temptations are “minor” or life dominating, one thing is certain—you have them. When you study this Christian advice book, you will learn the Bible's answers to help you overcome the major sins in your life, and you will learn how to become increasingly self-controlled. Note: This book is out-of-print. It is being updated and revised. The new version will be available late 2016.

Getting Started:
Taking New Steps in My Walk with Jesus

Often after people accept Jesus as their Savior, they have no idea what to do next. This book will help guide you through the first weeks of your walk with Jesus. As you read, you will learn practical truths that can transform your life. By the time you are done, you will have a good understanding of key issues based on the word of God (the Bible), instead of people'’s opinions. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 84 pages.) $6.99.
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Healing Life’s Hurts:
God’s Solutions When Others Wound You

This book is out-of-stock and is being updated and revised. The new version will be available mid-2016.
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Overcoming Jealousy and Insecurity:
Biblical Steps to Living without Fear

If you have trouble with jealousy and insecurity, you know these emotions can seem overwhelming, almost as hard to overcome as addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you are married to someone who is jealous or insecure, you know the power of these emotions from the other side, that of the person being accused of looking at others or perhaps of having an affair. Regardless of your situation, the principles in this book will help you discover freedom in Christ. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 66 pages.) $8.99.
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Who Do You Think You Are?
Understanding Who You are in Christ

Do you think you are a failure? If so, you may feel trapped by these feelings, although you may have tried to think positively or have read books on “self-esteem.” This Christian advice book offers hope by helping you understand what it means to be in Christ and showing you how to experience God’s forgiveness, love, joy and abundant life. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 218 pages.) $12.99.
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Parenting Foundations:
Nurturing with Insight and Disciplining in Love

In an age of thousands of books and numerous conflicting theories on parenting, we can turn to God for the ultimate advice. In the Scriptures, the Lord shows us how to bring up children who are obedient, respectful, loving, happy, creative and who know God’s ways. This book will help you learn and apply the Bible’s practical tools for parenting. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 177 pages.) $12.99.
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Victory over Grumpiness, Irritation, and Anger

If you have a problem with grumpiness, irritation, or anger, you have seen how destructive these emotions can be, yet you may feel powerless to control them. Jesus gave us good news: You can live peaceable lives regardless of the circumstances. You do not have to be controlled by anger. In this Bible-based book, you will read how to be free from the grip of anger. You will learn more than self-control; you will learn how to be more loving and a wise servant to others. (Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Spiral-bound. 186 pages.) $12.99.
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Author's biography

Doug Britton has helped thousands of people since entering the counseling field in 1967. He has worked as supervisor of an intensive treatment unit in a state institution, treatment director of a private facility and since 1980 as a marriage and family counselor. He has trained hundreds of professionals and paraprofessionals and has taught numerous seminars and workshops. Doug has a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and has edited and published three professional publications.

In counseling with individuals and couples, teaching classes, leading seminars and co-hosting nearly one thousand radio call-in shows, Doug has talked about how to apply the word of God in insightful, practical ways, helping people see that the Bible offers us the foundation for rewarding, meaningful lives.

Doug draws from his own struggles and victories when he writes. He and his wife Skeeter separated in 1966 and almost divorced, but over time they learned how to apply God's word to their marriage. They now enjoy a great relationship.

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