Summary: Depression and the Bible: Free online Christian Bible studies and information on depression provide hope and help for depressed
and discouraged people, as well as counselors & therapists. These biblical tools on depression and discouragement can be used by individuals, couples, small groups and classes.
Image: Christian books and Bible studies on marriage and parenting, anger, temptation and depression
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Depression and discouragement

Looking for biblical information on depression and discouragement? These free online Bible studies and other resources provide practical scriptural information and help for depressed people, as well as counselors, pastors, mentors and others who want to help others more effectively. Check this page—as well as other topics listed below under "More topics"—from time to time, since more studies are added periodically.

Free online Bible studies — Depression and discouragement
   Encouraging others – The power of encouraging words

   God's love for me – A personal Bible study on God's love for us

   Hurt feelings – Do you set yourself up to get hurt?

   Hurt feelings – Don't take things personally (even if someone wants you to take them personally)

   Jealous spouse – Depressed because your spouse is jealous? Evaluate yourself.

   Love yourself: Did Jesus say you must love yourself before you can love others?

   Purpose in life – Escape boredom, depression, and discouragement. Live life as an adventure

   Purpose in life – You have a purpose (Bible study on your purpose in life)

In the bookstore — Books related to depression
   Conquering Depression: A Journey Out of Darkness into God's Light

   Healing Life’s Hurts: God's Solutions When Others Wound You

   Overcoming Jealousy and Insecurity: Biblical Steps to Living without Fear

   Who Do You Think You Are?

More topics

   •  Anger, grumpiness, and irritation

   •  Anxiety, fear, and worry

   •  Christianity, Christian family, church, and God's love

   •  Counseling, mentoring, and helping others

   •  Dealing with our culture and society

   •  Depression and discouragement

   •  Marriage

   •  Money and finances

   •  Parenting children and teenagers

   •  Personal growth and development

   •  Self-concept, self-worth, and self-esteem

   •  Small groups, cell groups, and home fellowship groups

   •  Temptation and overcoming sin

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