Summary: What makes you angry? This online anger evaluation (questionnaire) will help you identify your anger patterns. Once you identify what makes you angry, you will be prepared to take the next step and make a plan to overcome your anger. (This online anger evaluation also helps you identify what you do when you are mad.) This is part of a series of online studies on anger.

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Identify When You Get Mad or Angry

(Self-test — What Makes You Angry?)

(c) 2001, 2007 Doug Britton, LMFT (Permission granted to print for personal use)


Introduction — What makes you angry?

The first step in overcoming anger is usually identifying what makes you mad. This self-test is part of a series of free online studies on grumpiness, irritation, and anger. Feel free to print it out, and then use it to evaluate your anger patterns. After answering the questions, read the other online studies for ideas about how to overcome anger.

(The following anger questionnaire is adapted from the book Victory over Grumpiness, Irritation, and Anger.)

Identify your anger patterns

1. I get upset when:

__ I'm driving and someone cuts in front of me.
__ I'm driving and someone is a backseat driver.
__ I'm a passenger and someone drives too slowly.
__ I'm a passenger and someone takes a different route than I would.
__ I'm a passenger and someone gets lost.
__ I'm a passenger and someone parks in a different place than I would choose.
__ My spouse lets the car run out of gas.
__ My spouse doesn't load the dishwasher right.
__ My spouse criticizes the way I load the dishwasher.
__ My spouse weighs too much.
__ My spouse says I weigh too much.
__ My spouse is late getting ready for church.
__ My spouse comes home late.
__ My spouse spends too much money.
__ My spouse forgets something I said.
__ My spouse is clumsy or has an accident.
__ My spouse complains or worries.
__ My spouse or my children are noisy when I am trying to sleep.
__ My children are disrespectful.
__ My children fight.
__ My boss makes stupid decisions.
__ My boss gives me too much to do.
__ People are late.
__ Someone says mean things to me.
__ Someone takes advantage of me.
__ Someone ignores me.
__ Someone makes fun of me.
__ Someone accuses me falsely.
__ I think God treated me unfairly.
__ I think I do more than my share.
__ I am unappreciated.
__ Someone breaks a promise.
__ Someone lies to me.
__ Someone lies about me.
__ I walk into our home and it is messy.
__ We are out of milk or other items.
__ Our TV breaks down.
__ My favorite sports team loses.
__ A politician does something wrong.
__ I don't like a sermon.
__ A pastor or board member ignores me.
__ Other ___________________________
__ Other ___________________________
__ Other ___________________________

2. When angry, I sometimes:

__ Yell.
__ Raise my voice.
__ Get irritated.
__ Am upset or grumpy.
__ Make sarcastic comments.
__ Put other people down.
__ Am impatient.
__ Withdraw or pout.
__ Feel bitter.
__ Feel resentful.
__ Feel sorry for myself.
__ Dwell on angry thoughts.
__ Other ___________________________
__ Other ___________________________
__ Other ___________________________

3. Overall, I am upset an average of ______ minutes per day

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