Talking with Respect and Love


Couples frequently voice complaints about the way they communicate. Someone talks too much or not enough. There are too many arguments, or there is never enough time to talk. Listening is a lost art. In this cross-cultural marriage book, learn how to have conversations that are intimate and satisfying. Learn how to resolve conflicts as friends, not enemies.

This practical, Bible-based book is part of Doug Britton’s eight-book “Marriage by the Book” series. It can be read on its own or as part of the series.

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT. LifeTree Books. Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Wire “spiral” binding. 176 pages.


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God designed marriage to be a close, intimate relationship

God’s plan for marriage is for husband and wife to unite in the closest of human relationships. That’s why the Bible calls a married man and woman “one flesh.”

It’s impossible for a couple to experience the closeness God intends without ongoing, intimate communication.


Many married couples have bad communication patterns

Many couples rarely talk, or they only talk on a superficial level. Sometimes both live private lives, not sharing feelings, dreams, or fears. Problems remain unmentioned and unresolved. Conversations go little beyond “did anyone call?” and “what’s on TV tonight?” The couple slowly grows apart.

In some marriages, couples constantly argue. They have not learned how to discuss difficult topics with respect and love. They treat each other as enemies, not intimate friends.


Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

Although some of the following comments refer to the husband and some to the wife, each could apply equally to either spouse.

  • My husband doesn’t talk. He just grunts.
  • It turns into an argument every time we talk.
  • My wife never stops talking. I don’t have a chance to say anything.
  • We only talk about superficial things. I yearn for a meaningful conversation.
  • Our house is like a morgue. The silence is awful.
  • My husband says “I don’t care” when I ask his opinion.
  • I never get her full attention. She’’s always doing things while we talk.
  • We only talk about problems. Who needs that? Isn’t life supposed to be fun?


If these comments sound familiar, don’t be discouraged

Doug Britton goes directly to the Bible to dig out its wisdom and apply it to the issues couples face today. As you learn and practice what God says about communication, you will see dramatic changes in your marriage.

Whatever your patterns, you will discover tools in Talking with Respect and Love will make your conversations more effective — and your marriage more intimate and satisfying.


In these pages, you will discover —

  • How to replace silence with words that matter
  • The secret of talking about anything without arguing or fighting
  • What to do if you aren’t talking enough
  • What to do if you are talking too much
  • How to get conversations going — courteously
  • Secrets of effective listening
  • Secrets of effective speaking
  • How to avoid interrupting, belittling, and misinterpreting
  • Ways to bring up problems without wounding your spouse


This book is biblical, practical, and easy to read

“Make it personal” questions are scattered throughout Talking with Respect and Love to help you apply its Bible-based advice in your marriage. It is comprehensive, yet reader-friendly.

Memory verses invite action. Each chapter begins with a memory verse, since memorizing God’s word changes our hearts and helps us follow his ways.


It is ideal for individuals, couples, and small groups

You can read Talking with Respect and Love on your own, with your spouse, or in a small group. It is perfect for a six-week study.

Guidelines for small group leaders and discussion questions for each chapter are found at the back of the book. (Read more about using this book in a small group or church marriage ministry.)


This book is part of the “Marriage by the Book” series

You can study Talking with Respect and Love on its own. In addition, you may be interested in the other books in the “Marriage by the Book” series. Although these books bulid on each other, each book stands as a complete book by itself.

The eight books are —

  1. Laying a Solid Foundation
  2. Making Christ the Cornerstone
  3. Encouraging Your Spouse
  4. Extending Grace to Your Mate
  5. Talking with Respect and Love
  6. Improving Your Teamwork
  7. Putting Money in its Place
  8. Celebrating Intimacy and Romance


In this book you will learn how to live according to God’s Word. When you read it, you will discover it is:

Bible-based. This book is solidly Bible-based, with every chapter showing how to apply the Bible’s truths in your life.

Cross-cultural. Since the guidelines in this book are based on God’s Word, they apply to every group and culture.

Practical. Readers are given clear, practical steps they can take.

Reader-friendly. Many techniques — from a simple, straightforward writing style to breaking the text into small, easily digested portions — make the books easy to read.

Comprehensive. Numerous questions and dilemmas are anticipated — and answered.

Interactive. Personal application questions throughout the books get readers involved.

Action-oriented. Readers write action plans as they go through each chapter.

“Three-in-one” — great for small group studies.This book has all the information you would expect to find in three separate books:

  • Book — with practical, Bible-based information,
  • Workbook — with “personal application” questions scattered throughout each chapter.
  • Small group leader’s guide — with guidelines for small group leaders and chapter-by-chapter discussion questions at the end of the book.

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This book was written by Doug Britton, MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist). Doug, President of LifeTree Institute, has been a Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist for over thirty years.

Doug has helped hundreds of thousands of people as a therapist, clinical director of a treatment center, seminar speaker, radio-co-host, and author of over twenty books that show people how to apply God’s truths in their daily lives.

He has also trained counselors, small group leaders, pastors, and mentors, showing them how to share practical, effective ways to apply the Word of God in all areas of life.

Doug has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and has edited and published three professional publications. His wife Skeeter has been a homemaker, landscape designer, journalist and novelist. She also has taught marriage and parenting workshops, and holds degrees in English and Landscape Architecture.

Doug draws from his counseling experience and his own struggles and victories when he writes.

More importantly, he draws from the Word of God, offering readers Bible-based, practical, cross-cultural tools, insights, and guidelines they can use in their daily lives.

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