Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT


Book 8 of “Marriage by the Book
This practical, biblical book is for every kind of marriage—old to young, great to not-so-great. Based on Doug Britton’s experience counseling approximately 1,000 married couples, it will help you:

  • Discover God’s plan for you to have fun making love.
  • Learn the difference between “making love” and “having sex.”
  • See why the world’s picture of sex is ultimately unsatisfying.
  • Find freedom from anything that stops you from fully enjoying sex.
  • Overcome your sexual sins—past or present.
  • Find healing from rape and sexual abuse.

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT. LifeTree Books. Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Wire “spiral” binding. 176 pages.


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Part of the “Marriage by the Book” Series

Many couples and small groups read all eight books. However, each book also stands complete by itself. Click on the following links to read about each book:

Book 1:
Laying a Solid Foundation

  • Overcome common marriage problems
  • Learn marriage-building exercises
  • Apologize without groveling
  • Forgive without holding a grudge

Book 2:
Making Christ the Cornerstone

  • Find ways to make room for Jesus in your daily lives
  • Pray as a couple
  • Learn how your spiritual gifts can work together
  • Strengthen your personal walk with Christ

Book 3:
Encouraging Your Spouse

  • Figure out what matters to your spouse
  • Serve your mate without being a doormat
  • Show respect even if you don’t feel like it
  • Choose to love your mate

Book 4:
Extending Grace to Your Mate

  • Appreciate your spouse’s weird habits
  • Resolve conflicts as friends
  • Handle disappointments wisely
  • Overcome bitterness and anger

Book 5:
Talking with Respect and Love

  • Talk about problems without fighting
  • Replace silence with words that matter
  • Listen to your spouse’s heart
  • Avoid misinterpreting your spouse

Book 6:
Improving Your Teamwork

  • Understand what “submission” means (and doesn’t mean)
  • Make decisions as a team
  • Practice mutual submission
  • Overcome problems in your teamwork

Book 7:
Putting Money in its Place

  • Make financial decisions as a team
  • Get out of debt (and stay out of debt)
  • Make a budget or spending plan
  • Give generously

Book 8:
Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

  • Learn the difference between “making love” and “having sex”
  • Find freedom from anything that stops you from enjoying sex
  • Overcome your sexual sins (past or present)
  • Find healing from rape and sexual abuse

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“I would like to recommend the ‘Marriage by the Book’ series by Doug Britton. These books are well written, engaging, and Biblically-based, with numerous insights from Doug’s years of counseling couples. I especially like the many practical, down-to-earth suggestions he offers. Get the series, do the study and exercises, and then watch what happens!”

Dann Bryant
Associate Pastor, Arcade Church (Sacramento, CA)

“’Marriage by the Book’ is a wonderful tool to help even the best of marriages become better. Doug has provided practical everyday applications of God’s wonderful instruction book for all married couples. Many times it feels as if Doug has been sitting in our home as we have dealt with the issues he addresses. Every married couple should go through this series at least once. We have been married over 35 years, and the last two years since we have been involved with ‘Marriage by the Book’ have been the best by far … and they are just getting better.”

Bob and April Basura
Small Group Leaders

“Doug Britton has written some of the most relevant resources for dealing with real-life issues. You’ll appreciate the caliber of the content, the interactive approach, and the dynamic results that follow these resources.”

Steve Brown
District Administrator, NCN HonorBound Men’s Ministries

“Practical! Practical! Practical! ‘Marriage by the Book’ is for couples who really want a strong marriage. Doug Britton puts the cookies on a shelf where it’s easy to reach them, using the Bible plus simple exercises to do it! I recommend every couple go through this series in a ‘date night’ or in a small group with other couples.”

Tom Tunnicliff
Ed.D., Pastor of Chaplaincy, Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)

What is “Marriage by the Book?”

Celebrating Intimacy and Romance is book 8 of the eight-book “Marriage by the Book” series.

This eight-book series covers every aspect of marriage. Each book covers a different topic. Although the books are part of a series and build on one another, each book can be studied on its own.

Each book is written by author, speaker, and Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton.

This book works as three-in-one:

  • Book — with practical, Bible-based real-life information.
  • Workbook — with quizzes and “Make it personal” questions scattered throughout each chapter.
  • Small group leader’s guide — with guidelines for small group leaders and chapter-by-chapter discussion questions at the back of each book.

How will reading “Celebrating Intimacy and Romance” help us change?
This book doesn’t just tell you what to do. It shows you how to do it, with:

  • Self-assessment quizzes to identify reasons for problems
  • “Make it personal” questions throughout the book (with space to write your answers) that help you apply the lessons
  • Exercises you and your spouse can do together
  • Personal plans to help you grow in six key areas of your marriage

Is “Celebrating Intimacy and Romance” only for troubled marriages?
Nope. It is for every kind of marriage, great to not-so-great. Whatever your situation, you will find practical insights and tools that will help your marriage flourish and grow.

Is this book for new marriages or long-time marriages?
Its practical, Bible-based advice will strengthen and bless your marriage, whether you are newlyweds or you have been married for decades.

Is this book cross-cultural?
Yes. Since it is based on the Bible, its truths apply to every racial and ethnic group. When you place your order, you can choose a multicultural cover or an African-American cover.

Can we use this marriage book for a small group study?
Yes. Celebrating Intimacy and Romance includes a small group leader’s guide with:

  • Tips for leaders
  • Step-by-step meeting plan
  • Discussion questions for each chapter

What are some topics covered in “Celebrating Intimacy and Romance”?
In these pages you will discover many Bible-based insights and practical tools. A few examples:

  • The Bible’s view of sex
  • The difference between “making love” and “having sex”
  • Why the world’s picture of sex is ultimately unsatisfying
  • Steps to overcome sexual sins — past or present
  • Steps to find healing from rape and sexual abuse
  • Guidelines regarding oral sex, sex toys, and other activities

What if my spouse won’t read this book with me?
It’s ideal if you both read this book. However, if your spouse doesn’t want to join you, don’t say, “I’ll read it, but only if you will.” Instead, learn how to be the best husband or wife possible. God can perform miracles in your personal life—and in your marriage—even if you study on your own.

Why do so many marriages have problems?
That’s a great question. After all, most marriages start out with two people who are certain they can craft a wonderful union. Yet as the years go by, many never experience the passionate, joyful life they expected. After helping approximately 1,000 marriages, Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton says a key reason is that most people do not know the Bible’s instructions about how to create a great Christian marriage—or they don’t know how to apply the instructions.

Why do readers say they like “Celebrating Intimacy and Romance”?

  • It is practical, cross-cultural, and Bible-based.
  • Text is broken into small, easily-digested portions.
  • Points are clearly identified with headings, bullets, and check boxes.
  • The writing style is direct and straight-forward.
  • Real-life stories and examples illustrate key points.
  • “Make it personal” questions help couples apply the lessons.
  • Each chapter is summarized at the end of the chapter.
  • Wire binding makes it easy to write in the book.

Digging deeper
Enjoy a thrilling romantic and sexual relationship. This Bible-based book on sex, romance, and sexuality will help you enjoy a thrilling sexual relationship. Read God’s plan for married Christian couples to join together, body and soul, in sexual intimacy. And discover timeless truths that will help you escape the world’s corrupting influences and enjoy a delightful sexual relationship.

If you already have a wonderful friendship and sex life, Celebrating Intimacy and Romance will help you find even greater intimacy and enjoy love, playfulness and tenderness, just like Solomon and his beloved in the Song of Solomon.

If you are dealing with guilt, negative feelings about sex, or pain from your past, this book will help you find freedom. Its insights and practical biblical advice will help you overcome the effects of sexual abuse, rape, pornography, or your own sexual sins—past or present. You can look forward to discovering how to make love with joy.

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