Who Do You Think You Are?

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT


Discover how to base your self-image on who you are in Christ—not on who you think you are. Based on Doug Britton’s experience counseling thousands of people, this practical, Bible-based book will help you:

  • Base your self-image on God’s love.
  • Move beyond “self-esteem.”
  • Find freedom from guilt and regrets.
  • Accept God’s forgiveness—no matter what you have done.
  • Overcome perfectionism.
  • Discover God’s purpose for your life.

Paperback: Wire “spiral” binding. 218 pages.

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“In Romans 12:3 the Apostle Paul challenges us to not think more of ourselves than we ought to, but to think of ourselves with sober judgment. In ‘Who Do You Think You Are,’ Doug Britton does just that. This is an excellent resource for individuals and small groups that helps us to truly see ourselves as God sees us. I highly recommend it!”

Tom Tunnicliff
Ed.D., Pastor of Chaplaincy, Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)

“I really like this book because it takes everything back to the Word of God and how He views us. What better perspective of yourself than that of the Heavenly Father’s? When we get out of balance and look to other sources for our confidence, we are thrown into an arena that’s dangerous for us.”

Cheryl D. Bangs
Lead Associate Pastor, Bayside Church (Citrus Heights, CA)

“Doug’s books have been used in an incredible way in our church. Plus, they have made a big difference in my own marriage, family life, and personal walk. I use them in teaching and preaching, and have made them available to my children. The thing I like about them is that they provide practical, reader-friendly tools and lessons not only on what to do, but how to do it. They get into your heart. I urge you to check out these materials. There’s subject matter that covers almost all areas of personal life.”

Rick Cole
Senior Pastor, Capital Christian Center (Sacramento, CA)

“This book really showed me how valuable I am to God and that I am completely accepted by Him. It gave me Scriptures and tools to stand against the lies I have believed throughout my life.”

Student, Teen Challenge (Name withheld for privacy)


How will reading “Who Do You Think You Are” help me change?
This book doesn’t just tell you what to do. It shows you how to do it, with:

  • Self-assessment quizzes to identify reasons for problems
  • “Make it personal” questions throughout the book (with space to write your answers) that help you apply the lessons
  • Exercises that help you overcome feelings of guilt and inadequacy
  • Personal plans that help you change

Is this book cross-cultural?
Yes. Since it is based on the Bible, its truths apply to every racial and ethnic group.

Can I use this book for a small group study?
Yes. Countless small groups and church classes have studied Who Do You Think You Are?. It includes a small group leader’s guide with:

  • Tips for leaders
  • Step-by-step meeting plan
  • Discussion questions for each chapter

What are some topics covered in “Who Do You Think You Are?”
In these pages you will discover many Bible-based insights and practical tools. A few examples:

  • Why the world world’s ideas about “self-esteem” don’t work
  • How to find freedom from guilt and regrets
  • How to accept God’s forgiveness—no matter what you have done
  • How to overcome perfectionism
  • What it means to be God’s child
  • How to discover God’s purpose for your life

Why do readers say they like “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  • It is practical, cross-cultural, and Bible-based.
  • Text is broken into small, easily-digested portions.
  • Points are clearly identified with headings, bullets, and check boxes.
  • The writing style is direct and straight-forward.
  • “Make it personal” questions help readers apply the lessons.
  • Real-life stories and examples illustrate key points.
  • Wire binding makes it easy to write in the book.

Digging deeper
Who do you think you are? Do you struggle with a negative self-image—even though you try to think positively or build up your “self-esteem”? Do you think you are a failure, live a life of regrets, or feel inferior to others? Do you wonder what your purpose is—or sometimes think your life doesn’t matter?

Have you tried “solutions” that don’t work? If you think poorly about yourself, you may think the solution is positive thinking or building up your “self-esteem.” You may try to build yourself up by earning more money, becoming popular, gaining a position of power, buying a new car, wearing expensive clothes, or working out to appear more attractive.

But these “solutions” don’t work in the long run. Even if they make you feel good about yourself for a short time, you end up feeling just as bad inside as you did before—or worse. You might feel hopeless, sure something is drastically wrong with you.

Learn to see yourself through God’s eyes. In Who Do You Think You Are?, you will learn the real solution—to deeply understand who you are in Christ, what it means to be forgiven and loved by God, and what your purpose in life is. It is only in our relationship with God that we discover our true meaning and who we are.

God doesn’t want you to go through life hanging your head because of your failures. Instead, he wants you to be excited because you are his child. He loves you and has exciting plans for you.

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