Preparing Your Child for Life

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT


Book 2 of “Successful Christian Parenting”
This practical, biblical book is for parents of children ages two through eighteen. Based on Doug Britton’s experience counseling over 1,000 parents, it will help you:

  • Cultivate character.
  • Encourage responsibility.
  • Help your child thrive in our culture.
  • Develop your child’s talents and intellect.
  • Prepare for dating, marriage, and sex.
  • Create a successful blended family.

Paperback: Wire “spiral” binding. 180 pages.

Out of print. An updated and revised version will be available late 2020.

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Who is “Preparing Your Child for Life” for?
This book is written for parents of children from one to eighteen years of age. Its practical, biblical insights help:

  • Married parents
  • Single parents
  • Traditional nuclear families
  • Blended families
  • Parents of children who are doing well
  • Parents of children who are doing poorly

How will reading “Preparing Your Child for Life” help me change?
This book doesn’t just tell you what to do. It shows you how to do it, with:

  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • “Make it personal” questions throughout the book (with space to write your answers) that help you apply the lessons
  • Exercises that help you learn and practice new parenting skills
  • Personal plans that help you change

Is this book cross-cultural?
Yes. Since it is based on the Bible, its truths apply to every racial and ethnic group.

Can I use this book for a small group study?
Yes. Preparing Your Child for Life includes a small group leader’s guide with:

  • Tips for leaders
  • Step-by-step meeting plan
  • Discussion questions for each chapter

What are some topics covered in “Preparing Your Child for Life”?
In these pages, you will discover how to —

  • Cultivate character
  • Encourage responsibility
  • Help your child thrive in our culture
  • Develop your child’s talents and intellect
  • Prepare for dating, marriage, and sex
  • Take care of yourself (and your marriage)
  • Create a successful blended family

Why do readers say they like “Preparing Your Child for Life”?

  • It is practical, cross-cultural, and Bible-based.
  • Text is broken into small, easily-digested portions.
  • Points are clearly identified with headings, bullets, and check boxes.
  • The writing style is direct and straight-forward.
  • “Make it personal” questions help readers apply the lessons.
  • Wire binding makes it easy to write in the book.

Digging deeper
What are your goals for your children? You probably would like to see your children grow up to be loving, disciplined, and happy. You hope they will develop their talents and gifts, be successful, and make a positive contribution to the world. As a Christian, you have a strong desire for them to believe in Christ and experience the full life Jesus offers.

This Bible-based parenting book helps parents prepare their children for life after they leave home. In it, Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton shares lessons learned from the Bible and from counseling over 1,000 families.

Doug writes that the best preparation starts when your children are infants and continues through their teenage years.

Constantly telling your children what to do or giving the same lectures can be frustrating for both parents and children. Structure, rules, and discipline are important, but they aren’t enough. This book shows you how to go deeper, helping your children change on the inside.

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