Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol

Doug Britton, M.Ed., MFT


Are you trapped by alcohol or other drugs? If so, this short Bible-based book, based on Doug Britton’s experience counseling thousands of people, will help you:

  • Identify reasons you get high.
  • Understand how peer pressure controls you.
  • Identify true friends.
  • Take steps to gain self-control.
  • Discover the key thing you can do to break free.
  • Overcome vision-destroyers.

Paperback: Wire “spiral” binding. 72 pages.

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“Over the years, Doug Britton has written some of the most relevant resources for dealing with real-life issues. You’ll appreciate the caliber of the content, the interactive approach, and the dynamic results that follow these resources.”

Steve Brown
Former District Administrator and Director of HonorBound Men’s Ministries, AGNCN

“I have used many of Doug’s books in our church’s seminars. They are easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to apply. I love the amount of Scripture he uses. More than that, I appreciate the fact that he—unlike so many authors—uses Scripture accurately, not taking verses out of context. I highly recommend these books.”

William Gillespie
Deacon, Freedom Road Bible Church (Walden, NY)


How will reading “Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol” help me change?
This book doesn’t just tell you what to do. It shows you how to do it, with:

  • Self-assessment quizzes to identify reasons for problems
  • “Make it personal” questions throughout the book (with space to write your answers) that help you apply the lessons
  • Exercises that help you overcome alcohol and drugs
  • Personal plans that help you change

Is this book cross-cultural?
Yes. Since it is based on the Bible, its truths apply to every racial and ethnic group.

Can I use this book for a small group study?
Yes. Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol includes a small group leader’s guide with:

  • Tips for leaders
  • Step-by-step meeting plan
  • Discussion questions for each chapter

What are some topics covered in “Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol”?
In these pages you will discover many Bible-based insights and practical tools. A few examples:

  • Self-assessment — Reasons you get high
  • Self-assessment — How peer pressure controls you
  • How to identify true friends
  • Steps to gain self-control
  • The key thing you can do to break free
  • How to get overcome vision-destroyers

Why do readers say they like “Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol”?

  • It is practical, cross-cultural, and Bible-based.
  • Text is broken into small, easily-digested portions.
  • Points are clearly identified with headings, bullets, and check boxes.
  • The writing style is direct and straight-forward.
  • Real-life stories and examples illustrate key points.
  • “Make it personal” questions help readers apply the lessons.
  • Wire binding makes it easy to write in the book.

Digging deeper
Are drugs and alcohol a problem for you?
Getting drunk and high seem fun for a while. But eventually the fun ends. In this short book, you will read stories of young adults who found their lives falling apart because of drugs and alcohol.

Do any of their comments sound familiar?

  • “I’d go on binges for days using alcohol and drugs, lots of ecstasy, and some cocaine. I’m lucky I’m alive.”
  • “I started out with one beer. I thought I could control it. But I started getting drunk at parties every weekend.”
  • “My dad was great, but he was an alcoholic. My mom was addicted to cocaine. Us kids followed in the footsteps of our parents.”
  • “I tried to quit partying, but I wasn’t able to.”

The steps in Breaking Free from Drugs and Alcohol are practical, and they work.
If you are tired of the direction your life is headed, no matter what you have done, you can turn your life around. The six steps in this cross-cultural book are based on God’s word—the Bible. When you put them into practice, your life will begin to change.

Change won’t come overnight. Changing your habits and lifestyle will take time and hard work. But over time you will find the freedom that comes from defeating temptation. And you will find the freedom that comes from not being controlled by other people, drugs, or alcohol.

With God’s help, there is hope. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you may think your life is permanently ruined. But with God’s help, the practical steps in this little book will help you on your journey to freedom.

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