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Summary: Christian workshops, seminars and retreats on biblical counseling and mentoring, marriage and parenting, anger and small group leadership. Biblical Christian counselor, author and speaker Doug Britton provides practical scriptural help on many topics.

Strengthening Families

Creating a strong marriage, raising healthy children

Helping people grow

Growing in wisdom, dealing with life challenges

Equipping for ministry

Small groups, mentoring, starting a marriage ministry

Introducing LifeTree Institute

LifeTree Institute seminars, retreats, and workshops provide Bible-based tools and insights to help individuals and couples turn to God and apply the Bible’s life-giving truths in their daily lives. LifeTree also equips pastors, counselors, mentors, and small group leaders. Seminars, retreats, and workshops go beyond teaching what the Bible says to do. They also show how to do it.

Christian Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton is a frequent speaker. Doug and other LifeTree speakers have long and rich experience in helping individuals, families, church leaders, and others who want to gain skills and insights.

Seminars, retreats, and workshops are sponsored by churches, coalitions of churches, or other Christian organizations.

Lifetree seminars, retreats, and workshops are grouped in three topic areasEquipping for ministry, strengthening families, and helping people grow.

Strengthening Families

Family life seminars help couples and parents learn biblical truths and tools they can use in their marriages and when raising their children.


Strengthening Families — Marriage

Keys to a Great Marriage
Couples learn four key scriptural practices to create a great marriage. The seminar includes opportunities for couples to discuss these topics in small groups, as well as opportunities for each couple to privately discuss “Make it personal” questions.

Talking with Respect and Love
Couples learn how to make a habit of talking every day, listen attentively, participate in conversations, and discuss problems as friends.

Celebrating Intimacy and Romance
Couples discover how to look at friendship, romance, and sex through God’s eyes — as a way to give and receive love. They also learn how to deal with common frustrations couples face and to overcome our culture’s destructive messages about sex.

Putting Money in Its Place
Couples learn practical steps to make a financial plan and manage money as a team. More importantly, they are challenged to change their attitude toward money and to realize they are stewards of God’s possessions.

Strengthening Your Teamwork
Couples identify Bible-based guidelines to work as a mutually-respectful team. They also learn the biblical roles of husband and wife.


Strengthening Families — Parenting

Parenting Foundations
Single parents and married couples learn how to create a nurturing environment, communicate respectfully, establish parental authority, and discipline wisely.

Preparing Your Child for Life
This seminar builds on “Parenting Foundations.” Parents learn how to help their child thrive in our culture, grow in character, develop responsibility, and prepare for dating and marriage.

Helping People Grow

These seminars help people grow in wisdom, love, and self-control. They also help people who are dealing with common life issues.

Victory Over Grumpiness, Anger, and Irritation
This workshop helps participants practice self-control and anger management, but it also goes deeper, helping them change inside. Participants learn how to focus on the positive, live a life of love, and deal with conflicts respectfully and courteously.

Defeating Temptation
Everyone — men and women — faces temptation. This seminar offers hope and helps participants overcome temptation.

Developing a Christ-Centered Self-Image
This workshop helps people with a negative self-image or sense of purposelessness grasp the freedom and joy that comes from understanding who they are in Christ.

Conquering Discouragement and Depression
The biblical insights and tools in this seminar help people learn how to enjoy peace and joy in the Lord.

Healing Life’s Hurts — God’s Solutions When Others Wound You
Learn how to overcome hurt feelings and resentment when you are wounded by friends, family members, people in church, or people at work. Learn how to have a victorious attitude whatever your circumstances.

Equipping for Ministry

These workshops help pastors, counselors, mentors, and anyone who helps others.

Mentoring and Counseling Foundations
Everyone is a “counselor” at times, whether he or she is mentoring, teaching, or just talking with friends. Participants learn and practice biblical tools and insights they can use when helping others. This workshop is for pastors, counselors, mentors, small group leaders, and anyone who wants to be a good friend.

Mentoring and Counseling for Life Issues
This workshop builds on “Mentoring and Counseling Foundations.” Participants learn guidelines to help people who are facing common life issues such as anger, temptation, or a poor self-image.

How to Start and Lead Small Groups
Something wonderful can happen when small groups get together to study or fellowship. Learn how to start groups, choose leaders, help people get involved, and deal with typical small-group problems. Also evaluate your own leadership practices.

How to Start or Strengthen a Marriage Ministry
Start or strengthen your church’s marriage ministry using “Marriage by the Book.” This eight-book Bible-based series by Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton helps couples in all areas of marriage. Learn how to create a three-part marriage ministry with (1) pre-marriage mentoring, (2) marriage mentoring, and (3) small groups.

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If your church is interested in sponsoring a seminar, retreat, or workshop, please click here to contact us. We would be glad to answer any questions you have. If you would like to learn more about one of the above topics, visit our bookstore for resources that are Bible-based, practical, cross-cultural, and user-friendly.

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