Marriage by the Book

An 8-book series on marriage based on the Bible

Page Summary
Summary: Marriage by the Book—Bible-based Christian marriage books. Cross-cultural, biblical, and practical. Perfect for couples, small groups, church marriage classes, and marriage ministries. Leader’s guide included.

For Couples

Practical. Biblical. Cross-Cultural.

For Small Groups

Powerful. Transforming.

Why Marriage by the Book?


Based on 2,000+ marriages
Real-life examples
Step-by-step suggestions
Answers your questions


“Make it personal” questions
Chapter takeaways
Self-scoring questions
Action-oriented questions


Easy-to-read format
Many personal stories

For every kind of marriage —
young to old, struggling to thriving

Read 1, Read All 8

Each book covers a different aspect of marriage.
Books are self-contained and can be studied on their own.

Choose Your Covers

Multicultural covers or
African-American covers

Each Book is “Three-in-One”


Books shows how to apply practical, cross-cultural truth from the Bible.



No need to buy a separate workbook. Workbook questions (and room to answer) are built in.

Leader's Guide

No need to buy a separate leader’s guide. Meeting plans and discussion questions are built in.

Laying a Solid Foundation

Book 1 of Marriage by the Book

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Making Christ the Cornerstone

Book 2 of Marriage by the Book

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Encouraging Your Spouse

Book 3 of Marriage by the Book

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Extending Grace to Your Mate

Book 4 of Marriage by the Book

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Talking with Respect and Love

Book 5 of Marriage by the Book

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Improving Your Teamwork

Book 6 of Marriage by the Book

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Putting Money in its Place

Book 7 of Marriage by the Book

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Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

Book 8 of Marriage by the Book

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What People Are Saying

“I have known Doug and his wife for many years. Many relationships in our church have been strengthened and enriched through the use of his ‘Marriage by the Book’ series.”   – Ephraim Williams, Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church

“‘Marriage by the Book’ is a life-changing series that will bring Christ into your marriage. The series will guide you step-by-step as you wrestle with the right questions, so you can see Christ-centered results. Whether your marriage is healthy and thriving or needing an overhaul…this series will help you. I know this because it’s helped my marriage.”   – Craig Sweeney, Lead Pastor, Heights Church

“Doug Britton’s humbleness and sincere love for people allowed God to use him to transcend cultural and racial differences with biblically based writings that truly blessed our congregation. Doug’s gifted insight and real life experiences expressed in his writings have and continue to assist couples in our congregation to discover the principles for a successful marriage and a healthy family.”   – Isaac Cotton, Pastor, St. Jude Christian Tabernacle

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About the Author

Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Britton has helped hundreds of thousands of people as a therapist, clinical director of a treatment center, seminar speaker, radio co-host, and author of over twenty books. In each book of the “Marriage by the Book” series, Doug draws upon his extensive experience counseling about 1,000 married couples. More importantly, he goes directly to the Bible and applies its truth and wisdom to problems couples face today.

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