Marriage by the Book

An 8-book series on marriage based on the Bible

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Summary: “Marriage by the Book” is ideal for small groups.
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For Small Groups

The practical, cross-cultural “Marriage by the Book” series is ideal for small groups. Each book in the eight-books series helps couples apply biblical truths to their marriage.

Your group can study one or more books, or you can go through all eight. Although they are written as a series, each stands as a book by itself. Some groups simply choose one book the group would like to study. For example, Talking with Respect and Love (the fifth book in the series). It’s common for groups that start this way to continue through the other books.

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Why Marriage by the Book?


Based on 2,000+ marriages
Real-life examples
Step-by-step suggestions
Answers your questions


"Make it personal" questions
Chapter takeaways
Self-scoring questions
Action-oriented questions


Easy-to-read format
Many personal stories

For every kind of marriage —
young to old, struggling to thriving

You may have a great marriage. If so, you will be delighted as your marriage grows richer and stronger.

However, most couples face challenging circumstances of one sort or another. Some couples are in blended families. Other couples raise children with severe disabilities, help elderly parents with Alzheimer’s (or other health issues), raise their grandchildren, struggle under the weight of massive debt, or are in the midst of intense marital conflict. In some marriages, one or both spouses have had sexual affairs or have been sexually abused. In other marriages, one or both suffer serious illness. The list is endless. "Marriage by the Book" will help you handle these dilemmas and more.

You will recognize yourselves as you read. These books are not just theory—they are based on Doug Britton’s experience counseling approximately 1,000 married couples, as well as feedback from countless couples who have read one or more of the books. Typical problems and questions are anticipated and answered. Stories from the lives of hundreds of couples (whose names have been changed) illustrate the lessons.

Each book is interactive. “What do you think” and “Make it personal” questions scattered throughout each chapter don’t simply ask you to summarize what you have read. They help you relate the material to your marriage and make action plans.

You and your spouse can study together. Your conversations can be exciting, even life-changing. On the other hand, if you aren’t careful your discussions can degenerate into accusations, name-calling, anger, and hurt feelings. That’s why each book in the series has practical guidelines to help you avoid common problems and get the most out of your time together.

Even if your spouse does not join you in your studies, these books can make a major difference in your marriage. God can perform miracles in your personal life — and in your marriage — as you learn how to be the best spouse possible.

Regardless of your circumstances, you will find help and hope in "Marriage by the Book."

Each Book is “Three-in-One”

Book  •  Workbook  •  Leader's Guide

Read 1, Read All 8

Although "Marriage by the Book" is a series, each book can be studied on its own.

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Laying a Solid Foundation Making Christ the Cornerstone Encouraging Your Spouse Extending Grace to Your Mate Talking with Respect and Love Improving Your Teamwork Putting Money in its Place Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

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