Summary: “Marriage by the Book” is ideal for small groups.
Summary: “Marriage by the Book” is ideal for small groups.

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Marriage by the Book

An 8-book series on marriage based on the Bible

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For Small Groups

The practical, cross-cultural “Marriage by the Book” series is ideal for small groups. Each book in the eight-books series helps couples apply biblical truths to their marriage.

Your group can study one or more books, or you can go through all eight. Although they are written as a series, each stands as a book by itself. Some groups simply choose one book the group would like to study. For example, Talking with Respect and Love (the fifth book in the series). It’s common for groups that start this way to continue through the other books.

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Marriage Ministries

Why Marriage by the Book?


Based on 2,000+ marriages
Real-life examples
Step-by-step suggestions
Answers your questions


“Make it personal” questions
Chapter takeaways
Self-scoring questions
Action-oriented questions


Easy-to-read format
Many personal stories

For every kind of marriage —
young to old, struggling to thriving

Each book has six chapters, perfect for a six-week or twelve-week study. Some groups study one chapter per meeting. Many take two weeks to study per chapter. Group members say they appreciate having more time to digest and practice what they learned.

The books cover a lot of information, but they are easy to read. Text is broken into small, easily digested portions. Points are clearly identified with headings, sub-headings, bullets, and check boxes.

The books invite group discussion. Numerous “Make it Personal” questions are scattered throughout each chapter. Plus, at the back of each book, you will find many more chapter-by-chapter discussion questions.

The books prompt people to change. Group members don’t just read information. They are invited to make action plans—both as individuals and as couples.

The books prompt couples to grow in their walk with God. Not only do couples learn about marriage, they also learn how relevant and powerful the Bible is.

Each book has a leader’s guide at the back of the book. The guidelines show how to lead a group step-by-step. The guidelines also describe how to create a positive group atmosphere, how to generate good group discussions, and how to deal with common small group problems.

Each Book is “Three-in-One”

Book  •  Workbook  •  Leader’s Guide

Read 1, Read All 8

Although “Marriage by the Book” is a series, each book can be studied on its own.

Choose Your Covers

Multicultural Covers  •  African-American Covers

Laying a Solid Foundation Making Christ the Cornerstone Encouraging Your Spouse Extending Grace to Your Mate Talking with Respect and Love Improving Your Teamwork Putting Money in its Place Celebrating Intimacy and Romance


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