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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — August 17, 2005

Online Bible Study on Astrology, Mediums and the Occult

August 17, 2005

Dear __________:

Where do people go for advice?

I’ve got a new online Bible study up — See “Astrology, Mediums and the Occult.”

Many, including Christians, think it’s harmless to look at astrological charts or engage in other forms of spiritism. They think it is fun or entertaining. Others go one step further and look to astrology, divination, and mediums for guidance.

This new online Bible study warns about astrology, mediums and other forms of the occult, showing that when we turn to these sources:

— We are opening ourselves up to spirits other than God’s.
— We are not looking to God for guidance, but to the occult.
— We are turning away from true faith in Jesus.
— We are disobeying God’s word, the Bible.

To read this new online Bible study, go to “Astrology, Mediums and the Occult.”

In Christ,

PS Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested.

Doug Britton
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