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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — May 11, 2017

Dear _____________,

Life had been hectic but rewarding. Skeeter and I have just returned from a wonderful visit with one of our sons and his family.

Here are two new online Bible studies and two recently-revised and updated books with practical truths that can strengthen your walk with God and your relationships with others. I hope one or more of them will be a blessing to you and will be helpful as you minister to others.

Online Bible studies:

  • Communicate with Respect and Love
  • Replace Irritation with Grace

Revised and updated books:

  • First Things First
  • Encouraging Your Spouse


New Bible Study:

Communicate with Love and Respect

Often our words do more harm than good — even when we are right. Many times we accidentally hurt or offend others. These Bible-based tools will help you bring life into your conversations!


New Bible Study:

Replace Irritation with Grace

It’s easy to get irritated with others — your spouse, your kids, your parents, your boss, your employees, your pastor, your next-door-neighbor. These practical, cross-cultural steps will help you change your attitude and control your words!


Revised and Updated Book:

First Things First

New believers have lots of questions. This easy-to-read book will help you disciple new believers, helping them learn key truths as well as showing them how to put these truths into practice. Ideal for one-to-one mentoring and discipleship classes.


Revised and Updated Book:

Encouraging Your Spouse

How can I love and respect my spouse…even when I don’t feel like it? These biblical truths will strengthen and bless your marriage. For every kind of marriage — old to young, great to not-so-great.


That’s the news for now. May God direct your steps and richly bless you as you live for him!

In Christ,

Doug Britton, President
LifeTree Books and LifeTree Institute