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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — September 28, 2017

Dear _____________,

When I counsel people, they often say they (1) have a poor (or terrible) self-image, (2) live with guilt, condemnation, and regrets over past decisions, or (3) don’t think they have a significant purpose in life.

After counseling thousands of people who have voiced these concerns, I have just completed and uploaded two new free ebooks that walk people through the Bible’s answers to these challenging issues. You can read them online or download them free of charge.

It is my prayer that these free books will be a blessing to you personally, and—if you lead a small group or mentor others—in your area of ministry. (Each book has suggested discussion questions, optional homework, and an optional test.)


Free downloadable ebook (PDF)

Your Identity in Christ

Find freedom in Christ as you grasp—and experience—what it means to be a:

  • Child of God
  • Temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Priest and ambassador of God
  • Part of the Body of Christ.


Free downloadable ebook (PDF)

Changing Your Self-Image

Break free of inaccurate, negative messages that destroy your self-image.

  • Discover who God says you are
  • Believe the truth, not others’ lies
  • Reject false “solutions”
  • Realize you are in a growth process


218-page book

Who Do You Think You Are?

If you want to dig even deeper into solutions to (1) a negative self-image, (2) guilt and shame, or (3) feeling purposeless, this practical book will provide a Bible-based path to freedom in Christ.


Discounts are available if you buy four or more books for a small group or mentoring.

I hope that one of these resources will be helpful as you serve our Lord. May God continue to direct your steps and bless you!

In Christ,

Doug Britton, President
LifeTree Books and LifeTree Institute

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