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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — June 13, 2018

Hi _____________,

It’s already the middle of June. Hard to believe that 2018 is flying by so fast.

I’ve just finished two new online Bible studies. I hope they will be helpful to you or to people you are ministering to. (Also, feel free to check out today’s featured book about how to stay on top of your finances.)

Have you ever withheld forgiveness because an apology seemed insincere?
Learn how to overcome grudges and other objections to forgiving others. Bible Study: Overcome Your Objections to Forgiving

Have you ever thought you weren’t important in the kingdom of God?
Everyone has an important role to play in life. In fact, the Bible says every believer is a priest and an ambassador of God. Bible Study: You are a Priest and an Ambassador of God

How can I stay on top of my finances?
In this practical, Bible-based book you will discover insights and tools that will help you get out of debt, make financial decisions, give generously, spend wisely, make a spending plan, and prepare for the future. Although this book was written for married couples, its practical bible-based advice also applies to singles. Featured Book: Putting Money in its Place

That’s it for now. May God continue to direct and bless your path.

In Christ,

P.S. Feel free to visit our bookstore while you’re on our site. For a limited time, get free shipping on all orders and a 20% discount for orders over $50.

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