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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — September 13, 2018

Hi ___________________,

Here are some new online Bible studies I have just completed. It is my prayer that one or more will be a blessing to you and to people you are helping.

New online Bible study: Choose joy
Why are so many people discouraged or grumpy? And why do so many of us miss out on the joy Jesus promised? This new Bible study will help you experience the joyful life God intends for you. Choose Joy

New online Bible study: The key to obeying God’s commands
When I first read the Bible, I was overwhelmed by all of God’s commands. I tried to remember them all and follow them throughout the day. I wasn’t successful. This Bible study on Jesus’ two greatest commands shows us how to follow all of God’s commands. Love God and Love Others

Featured book: Celebrating Intimacy and Romance
The Bible says a lot about our intimate lives. This practical, Bible-based book helps married couples find increasing joy and freedom in their private moments. Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

In case you missed it…
The meaning of humility in the Bible
Discovering your purpose
Giving generously

That’s it for today. May God continue to direct and bless your path.

In Christ,

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Doug Britton, President
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