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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — January 10, 2019

Hi ______________________,

A while ago, I asked for prayer for a series of forty-eight (free) online discipleship books I am writing. I’ve completed two more, so I now have eight to go. Thanks for praying!

I’ve also finished two more online Bible studies. It’s my prayer that they will be helpful to you personally as well as a blessing to people you are helping.

New online Bible study — Expect Problems
Many people think life will be problem-free after they become Christians. They feel surprised or even betrayed by God if they go through hard times. This Bible study helps believers prepare for typical problems that are part of every believer’s life.
Expect Problems

New online Bible study — Turn to God in the Midst of Your Problems
It’s easy to feel discouraged or hopeless when you go through hard times. The practical steps and prayers in this Bible study will help you experience God’s peace—regardless of your circumstances.
Turn to God in the Midst of Your Problems

Featured book — “Parenting Foundations”
This practical, Bible-based parenting book will help you:

  • Create a loving home
  • Center your home in the Lord
  • Communicate with respect
  • Exercise parental authority
  • Discipline wisely

“Parenting Foundations”

In case you missed it…
You are a child of God — Don’t take this lightly
When you are angry or tempted — Stop, Think, Pray
Beware of counterfeit freedom

That’s it for today. May God continue to direct and bless your path in 2019.

In Christ,

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Doug Britton, President
LifeTree Books and LifeTree Institute
7405 Greenback Lane #204
Citrus Heights CA 95610

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