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Doug Britton Legacy Newsletter — September 24, 2020

Hi __________________,

I hope you’re doing well during this pandemic. I pray that these new online Bible studies and other resources will be helpful in these challenging times.

4 New Online Bible Studies
Philippians 4:8 — Moving from Negative to Positive
Are you a negative person, or do you know someone who seems to be negative about everything? The insights in this new online study can change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Remembering to Thank God Daily
It’s easy to forget to thank God for the many ways he blesses us. These practical insights will help you remember reasons to thank God daily.

Overcoming Failure—Learn from Peter’s Example
Peter failed in many ways, yet God used him to change the world.

Overcoming Failure—Learn from Your Failures
If you are fired, fail a test, lose a friend, or make a bad investment, God is there to help you learn and grow. You have a future. You have a purpose.

Highlighted Books
Encouraging Your Spouse
Discover biblical insights and practical tips to help you encourage, love, and cherish your spouse—even if you don’t feel like it.

Victory Over Grumpiness, Irritation, and Anger
Learn how to recognize the warning signs of anger, gain self-control, grow in patience, and handle difficult situations with wisdom and love. Includes anger-conquering exercises.

May God direct and bless you in your personal life as well as your ministry to others!

In Christ,

Doug Britton, President
LifeTree Books and LifeTree Institute
7405 Greenback Lane #204
Citrus Heights CA 95610

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