Anxiety, Fear, and Worry

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Summary: Free online Christian Bible studies, books, and other practical resources to overcome anxiety, fear and worry. These biblical resources are perfect for individuals, couples, small groups and adult education classes. The Bible studies also are used by counselors, pastors, mentors and teachers.

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Anxiety Bible Studies

Face Your Fears

Expect problems — Don’t be surprised when you have problems

Turn to God in the midst of problems — God will strengthen you and help you

Fear of death and dying — Bible truths to conquer the fear of death and dying

Do not take things personally — Escape the trap of hurt feelings


Find Peace in Christ

God’s love for me — A personal Bible study on God’s love for us

Receive and accept God’s forgiveness — Practical steps to knowing and experiencing God’s forgiveness

Don’t think you are a uniquely bad person — Escape the trap of self-condemnation

Reject inappropriate guilt — Don’t let inappropriate guilt rob you of joy

Ask others to forgive you — Ask forgiveness, learn a lesson, and earn trust


Dealing with Failure

Overcoming your failures, Part 1 — Learn from David’s example

Overcoming your failures, Part 2 — Learn from Paul’s example

Overcoming your failures, Part 3 — Learn from Peter’s example

Overcoming your failures, Part 4 — Practical steps to help you in the future


Live in Freedom

Bible verses to help you overcome anxiety — Plus Bible verses on overcoming fear and worry

Live beyond your fear — Live life as an adventure

Find your purpose in life — You have a purpose. God has great plans for you.

Choose joy — You can live a joyful life

Guard your conscience — Take these steps for a clean conscience


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Looking for Bible-based help to overcome anxiety, fear, and worry? These cross-cultural Bible-based books and free online Bible studies will help you find freedom and experience God’s peace. Ideal for individuals, small groups, pastors, counselors, and mentors.

Feel free to print or download these Bible studies for personal use. (Please read our reprint policy.)

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