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Christianity, God, & Church

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Looking for practical ways to apply your faith in your daily life? Do you wonder if God loves you? Or do you want to know what the Bible says about prayer, who God is, or how to create a God-centered home? These cross-cultural Bible-based books and free online Bible studies are ideal for individuals, small groups, pastors, counselors, and mentors.


Bible Studies





Bible Studies

Who is God?

Understanding God’s nature — God is more than a “force” or “cosmic consciousness”

Understanding God’s power — God created the universe (and he created you)

Understanding God’s love for you — God’s love for us is amazing

Understanding God by looking at Jesus — Learning about Jesus can help you understand God’s nature

Is Jesus God? — Is Jesus more than a prophet or a good man?

Understanding the Bible

Part 1: I’m confused. What is the Bible? — Who wrote the Bible? What’s it about? Is it accurate?

Part 2: Why should I read the Bible? — Here’s why God says it’s important to read his word

Part 3: What is the Old Testament? — The old Testament contains history, the law, proverbs, and more

Part 4: What is the New Testament? — The New Testament tells about Jesus and how to know him

How to Study the Bible

Part 1: Make a plan to study the Bible every day — Make it simple and achievable

Part 2: Be an active Bible reader — Think about the words, take notes, ask questions

Part 3: Don’t just read for information — Also ask God to change you on the inside

Part 4: Bring the Bible into your daily life — Go to the Bible for encouragement, wisdom, and direction

Part 5: Questions to ask as you study the Bible — For personal or small group studies

Your Identity in Christ

You are a child of God — God is your creator and your perfect parent

You are a temple of the Holy Spirit — God’s Spirit lives in you

You are a priest and an ambassador of God — Wherever you go, you represent God

You are part of the body of Christ — You are closely connected to Jesus and every other believer

Does God love me? — A personal Bible study on God’s love for you

God’s spirit lives in you — Who or what is the Holy Spirit?

Depend on God’s power — Learn how to live in God’s power, not your own

Growing Closer to God

What is “salvation?” — How to become a Christian (by being “born again”)

Let the Holy Spirit change you — God has a plan to transform you

Say “thank you” to God often — Make thanking God part of your daily prayers

Seek to please God — A key to successful Christian living

Practical steps to loving God and loving others — Understanding God’s key commands

Live a joyful life — Practical steps to finding joy in your walk with Jesus

How to Pray: Part 1 — What is Prayer?

How to Pray: Part 2 — When Should You Pray?

How to Pray: Part 3 — What Should You Pray For?

How to Pray: Part 4 — Pray with Others

Knowing God’s Forgiveness

Receive and accept God’s forgiveness — Practical steps to knowing and experiencing God’s forgiveness

Don’t think you are a uniquely bad person — Escape the trap of self-condemnation

Reject inappropriate guilt — Don’t let inappropriate guilt rob you of joy

Ask others to forgive you — Ask forgiveness, learn a lesson, and earn trust

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice: Part 1 — The closer you are to God, the better you can hear his voice

Hearing God’s Voice: Part 2 — Many of the questions we ask God are already answered in the Bible

Hearing God’s Voice: Part 3 — The Holy Spirit speaks to us in many different ways

Hearing God’s Voice: Part 4 — Don’t be immobilized by indecision

Trusting God

Trust God to be with you — Put your primary trust in God, not others

Trust God, not your emotions — Your emotions go up and down, but God is dependable

Remember God’s faithfulness — Trust God: Remember times he was faithful in the Bible and in your life

Leave the results in God’s hands — Do your part, then trust God

Your Purpose

You have a purpose — God has great plans for you

Live life as a spiritual adventure — Your life matters!

You are a priest and an ambassador of God — Wherever you go, you represent God

God and Your Home

Create a God-centered Christian home for your children — It is the greatest gift you can give them

Married? Pray with your spouse every day — It is the key to a growing marriage

Married? Keep a couple’s prayer chart — Use it to remind yourselves to pray daily

Challenging Issues

Anger at God — Is it a sin to be angry with God?

Burned by church? Part 1 — How to deal with disappointments in church

Burned by church? Part 2 — How to deal with church problems

Counterfeit freedom — “Freedom” from God is counterfeit freedom

Loving yourself — Does the Bible say you must love yourself before you can love others?

Turn away from astrology, the occult, mediums, divination, and sorcery

Da Vinci Code — What’s Wrong with the Da Vinci Code?

Mayan calendar warnings about December 12, 2012 — Should we be afraid?

Are all religions the same? — Are they all “one,” equal, or true?

Overcome the fear of death and dying — Bible verses to comfort and encourage you

What does it mean to be "free"?

Is Jesus God?

Don't let past church problems stop you from going

Are all religions the same?

Questions for any Bible study

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