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Summary: The Bible, anger, and anger management: Free online Christian Bible studies and books on anger management, conflict resolution, grumpiness and irritation. For individual use, small groups, and church classes. Practical, scriptural Bible studies can also be used as counseling homework, guidelines for mentoring and sermon preparation.

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Anger Bible Studies

Understanding Your Anger

What God says about anger — Bible verses about the danger of anger

Anger at God — Is it a sin to be angry with God?

Identify when you get angry — Self-test helps you understand your anger patterns


Avoiding Getting Angry

Antidotes to anger — How to avoid (or prevent) destructive anger

Love your enemies — Bible-based help and self-evaluation on loving your enemies

Don’t take things personally  Even if someone wants you to take things personally

Love others as-is — Replace anger and resentment with loving concern

Respect others  Even when other people don’t deserve respect

Positive Christian parenting — How to be a positive parent

Be a positive person — Focus on the positive, say positive words

Be a thankful person — Say “thank you” to God and other people often


Overcoming Your Anger

Stop, Think, Pray when angry, tempted, or afraid. (Includes small group discussion questions.)

Resolving conflicts — Five steps to solve conflicts and disputes

Focus on changes you should make — Not on changes others should make

Replace irritation with grace — Practice “forbearance” 

Burned by church? Part 1 — How to deal with disappointments in church

Burned by church? Part 2 — How to deal with church problems

Evaluate yourself if your spouse is jealous — Are you partially responsible if your spouse (or someone else) is jealous?

Video shows the power in forgiving — “Forgiveness and the Beach”


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Looking for Bible-based help to overcome grumpiness, irritation, or anger? These cross-cultural Bible-based books and free online Bible studies on anger management will help you find freedom from anger. Ideal for individuals, small groups, pastors, counselors, and mentors.

Feel free to print or download these Bible studies for personal use. (Please read our reprint policy.)

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