Summary: The Bible, God and “self-esteem.” Your sense of who you are should come from your relationship with Jesus, not your wealth, power, popularity or abilities. Books and online Bible studies can help you find a true, lasting sense of self-worth and purpose in life by turning to Christ instead of trying to build up “self esteem” on your own. For individuals and small groups.

Summary: Small group books and online Bible studies on ‘self-esteem’ and who you are in Christ.

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Self-image, self-worth, and “self-esteem”

Looking for Bible-based information on your self-image, self worth or “self-esteem”? These free online Bible studies and books provide biblical insights to help you see yourself as God sees you. There’s no need to try to build up your “self-esteem”! This scriptural info provides good resources for pastors, counselors, mentors and anyone else who wants to help others more effectively. Check this page—as well as other topics listed below under “More topics”—from time to time, since more studies are added periodically. For individuals and small groups.

Feel free to print or download these Bible studies for personal use. (Visit this page to read our reprint policy.)

Self-image, self-worth, and “self-esteem”

The Bible and self-image, self worth, and “self-esteem.” See yourself as God sees you. Bible studies and books for individuals and small groups. (Visit this page to read our reprint policy.)

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Unless otherwise noted, all Bible verses are from the 1984 New International Version.

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