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Evaluate Your Small Group Leadership Skills

Self-evaluation for small group leaders, cell group leaders

Doug Britton, MFT

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Summary: Small group leadership skills evaluation. Free online self-evaluation to assess and evaluate your small group (cell group) leadership skills. For small group facilitators and cell group leaders, pastors and classroom teachers, supervisors and youth leaders — anyone leading small groups, home fellowship groups or cell groups. Practical and printable small group assessment/evaluation questionnaire.

Introduction for small group leaders and facilitators

Do you lead a small group, cell group, Sunday school small group or Bible study? If so, you know that something wonderful can happen when people get together to study. (This online Bible study is adapted from the book How to Lead a Christ-Centered Small Group.)

This self-evaluation can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses if you are a small group facilitator, cell group leader, pastor, classroom teacher, supervisor, youth leader or anyone else who facilitates, teaches, or leads groups and wants to improve his or her small group leadership skills.

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Self-assessment instructions

If you lead a group by yourself, complete Part 1. If you co-lead a group, complete Part 1 to evaluate yourself and Part 2 to evaluate yourselves as a team.

As you read, score yourself from 0 to 10 on each point.

  • “0” means “I really need to improve in this area.”
  • “10” means “I am doing very well in this area.”

Small group leadership skills evaluation — Part 1

Evaluate yourself, individually, as a small group facilitator or leader.

I pray and read the Bible regularly. My score (0-10): ____

I am friendly. My score (0-10): ____

I am an encourager. My score (0-10): ____

I reach out between small groups. My score (0-10): ____

I say that I too need to learn and grow. My score (0-10): ____

I prepare before small group. My score (0-10): ____

I ask others to help with small group activities. My score (0-10): ____

I am enthusiastic. My score (0-10): ____

I apply the material to myself. My score (0-10): ____

I provide a good example. My score (0-10): ____

I am a good listener. My score (0-10): ____

I avoid talking too much. My score (0-10): ____

I ask open-ended questions. My score (0-10): ____

I encourage questions. My score (0-10): ____

I get members to speak to one another. My score (0-10): ____

I emphasize personal application. My score (0-10): ____

I stay alert and provide guidance. My score (0-10): ____

I keep us on the subject. My score (0-10): ____

I center discussions on the Bible. My score (0-10): ____

I step in if someone talks too much. My score (0-10): ____

I gently stop angry attacks. My score (0-10): ____

I turn people to Matthew 7:1-5. My score (0-10): ____

I cut off detailed personal confessions. My score (0-10): ____

I put people in God’s hands. My score (0-10): ____

Small group leadership skills evaluation — Part 2

Evaluate yourselves as a team of small group co-leaders or facilitators.

We pray for the small group or small group members during the week. Our score (0-10): ____

We discuss the material before small groups meet. Our score (0-10): ____

We plan what we will cover before small group. Our score (0-10): ____

We get to small group early. Our score (0-10): ____

We both lead the small group in prayer. Our score (0-10): ____

We take turns leading small groups’ discussions. Our score (0-10): ____

We are polite when we disagree with each other. Our score (0-10): ____

We use a prearranged signal if our co-leader talks too much. Our score (0-10): ____

We ask for feedback from our small group about our leadership. Our score (0-10): ____

We review how we did after each small group. Our score (0-10): ____

Personal application

Small group evaluation — Look at your small group leadership scores and choose three areas you will work on to improve your skills.

1. First step I/we will take to change:

2. Second step I/we will take to change:

3. Third step I/we will take to change:

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