Summary: Free online Bible studies and books help to overcome temptation, evil and sin in your life. This Bible-based information and advice will help you find victory over sin. You can enjoy a clear conscience and freedom from sin (and compulsive sinful thoughts) as you overcome temptation and sin. For individuals and small groups.

Summary: Bible studies and books on temptation, evil, and sin. For individuals and small groups.

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Temptation and Overcoming Sin

Practical • Biblical • Cross-Cultural

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Want to overcome temptation and defeat sin in your life? These free printable online Bible studies and books provide practical scriptural tools to give you victory over your areas of weakness. These materials also provide good resources for counselors, pastors, mentors and anyone else who wants to help others overcome temptation and defeat sin in their lives. Check this page—as well as other topics listed below under “More topics”—from time to time, since more studies are added periodically.

Feel free to print or download these Bible studies for personal use. (Visit this page to read our reprint policy.)

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Seek to please God — Make pleasing God your key priority

Choose wholesome entertainment — Enjoy life in ways that build you (and others) up


Stay on Guard

Guard your thought life — Learn how to respond to temptation in your thought life

Guard your conscience — Take these steps for a clean conscience

Guard your heart when helping others — Avoid unhealthy emotional and sexual relationships

Resist advertising’s lies — Say “no” to lies in advertising

Resist “counterfeit freedom” — Realize that freedom from God is counterfeit freedom

Watch out for cultural contamination — Be alert to voices in our culture that are hostile to God


Overcome Peer Pressure

Overcoming peer pressure: Part 1 — Identify the problem

Overcoming peer pressure: Part 2 — Please God, not others

Overcoming peer pressure: Part 3 — Be an influencer, not an “influencee”

Overcoming peer pressure: Part 4 — Live wisely


Resist Temptation

Pray to see sin as God sees it  See sin as unappealing, unpleasant, and disgusting

Make plans to develop self control — Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by your emotions

When you are tempted: Stop / Think / Pray — Practical steps to take when you are tempted

Consider the consequences of sinning — And enjoy the benefits of not sinning

Resist temptation by truly loving others — True love won’t do something that would harm others


Dealing with Failure

Overcoming failure or sin, Part 1 — Learn from David’s example

Overcoming failure or sin, Part 2 — Learn from Paul’s example

Overcoming failure or sin, Part 3 — Learn from Peter’s example

Overcoming failure or sin, Part 4 — Practical steps to help you in the future


Knowing God’s Forgiveness

Receive and accept God’s forgiveness — Practical steps to knowing and experiencing God’s forgiveness

Reject inappropriate guilt — Don’t let inappropriate guilt rob you of joy

Ask others to forgive you — Ask forgiveness, learn a lesson, and earn trust

Defeating Temptation

Overcoming sin in your life
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Who Do You Think You Are?

See yourself as God sees you
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