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Summary: Recommendations, testimonials, references, and endorsements by pastors and readers of Doug Britton’s books and online Bible studies. Also instructions on how to send a recommendation, testimonial, reference or endorsement about books on marriage, parenting, anger and more.

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“I have known Doug and his wife for many years. Many relationships in our church have been strengthened and enriched through the use of his ‘Marriage by the Book’ series.”
— Ephraim Williams, Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church, Sacramento, California


“‘Marriage by the Book’ is a life-changing series that will bring Christ into your marriage. The series will guide you step by step as you wrestle with the right questions, so you can see Christ-centered results. Whether your marriage is healthy and thriving or needing an overhaul…this series will help you. I know this because it’s helped my marriage.”
— Craig Sweeney, Lead Pastor, Bayside Church in Citrus Heights, Citrus Heights, California


“Doug Britton’s humbleness and sincere love for people allowed God to use him to transcend cultural and racial differences with biblically based writings that truly blessed our congregation. Doug’s gifted insight and real life experiences expressed in his writings have and continue to assist couples in our congregation to discover the principles for a successful marriage and a healthy family.”
— Isaac Cotton, Pastor, St. Jude Christian Tabernacle, Sacramento, California


“We have had Doug Britton to Bayside many times to teach this material. He is biblical, practical, and his books are easy to use for couples wanting to build a healthy, thriving marriage. I definitely recommend his ‘Marriage by the Book’ series.”
— Ray W. Johnston, Senior Pastor, Bayside Church, Granite Bay, California


“Doug Britton’s ‘Marriage by the Book’ series is the most thoroughly biblical, deeply practical and user-friendly marriage resource I have seen in thirty years of study and use. These books provide clarity, relevance and biblicity for self-study, mentoring or small group leadership, and are so well written that lay leaders can use them immediately without having to be experts. They will positively impact your marriage and the marriages of those you lead.”
— John Morrison, Family Life Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Winchester, Virginia


“Doug’s books have been used in an incredible way in our church. Plus, they have made a big difference in my own marriage, family life and personal walk. I use them in teaching and preaching, and have made them available to my children. The thing I like about them is that they provide practical, reader-friendly tools and lessons not only on what to do, but how to do it. They get into your heart. I urge you to check out these materials. There’s subject matter that covers almost all areas of personal life.”
— Rick Cole, Senior Pastor, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento, California


“Practical Practical Practical! ‘Marriage by the Book’ is for couples who really want a strong marriage. Doug Britton puts the cookies on a shelf where it’s easy to reach them, using the Bible plus simple exercises to do it! I recommend every couple go through this series in a date night or in a small group with other couples.”
— Tom Tunnicliff, Ed.D., Pastor of Chaplaincy, Elmbrook Church (Brookfield, WI)


“I would like to recommend the ‘Marriage by the Book’ series by Doug Britton. These books are well written, engaging, and Biblically-based, with numerous insights from Doug’s years of counseling couples. I especially like the many practical, down-to-earth suggestions he offers. Get the series, do the study and exercises and then watch what happens!”
— Dann Bryant, Associate Pastor, Arcade Church, Sacramento, Calif.


‘Marriage by the Book’ is the best marriage resource I’ve encountered.”
— David Dickinson, Senior Pastor, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Kearney, Nebraska


“I am pleased to recommend ‘Marriage by the Book.’ Doug Britton’s experience in counseling married couples—and his commitment to give Scriptural advice—make for books that are both practical and insightful. When so many today are turning to contemporary ideas about marriage, Doug’s commitment to the life-changing relationship principles found in God’s Word is most refreshing.”
— Scott Wieking, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church. Davis, California


“Over the years, Doug Britton has written some of the most relevant resources for dealing with real-life issues. You’ll appreciate the caliber of the content, the interactive approach, and the dynamic results that follow these resources.”
— Steve Brown, Former District Administrator and HonorBound Director, AGNCN


“The ‘Marriage by the Book’ publications provide a Biblically-grounded study for couples. The practical application sections encourage dialog and help couples set goals for communication, becoming a team, extending grace to one another, sexual intimacy, and finances. When counseling with couples, I prescribe a specific book in the series that addresses an area the couple is working on. This approach has benefited couples spiritually as they used the material devotionally. I highly recommend these publications.”
— Bruce Hankee, Pastor, Greenmonte Mennonite, Stuarts Creek, Virginia


‘Marriage by the Book’ has been great to teach. It is easy for the readers, yet challenging when they do the personal applications. We are seeing healthier marriages as a result! Thank you.”
— Marty Couch, Pastor’s wife, Abundant Life, Cupertino, California


“At Teen Challenge, where we routinely deal with life and death crisis issues in people’s lives, the curriculum we use must be Scriptural, stated simply and directly, but powerful in its impact upon people’s lives. Any of Doug Britton’s books we have used to help address the issues in our students’ lives have proven to be very user-friendly and powerful in their effect. In fact our staff members have benefited greatly by them in their Christian walk and ministry as well.”
— Dick Rhoads, Executive Director, Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge


“I have used many of Doug’s books in our church’s seminars. They are easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to apply. I love the amount of Scripture he uses. More than that, I appreciate the fact that he—unlike so many authors—uses Scripture accurately, not taking verses out of context. I highly recommend these books.”
— William Gillespie, Deacon, Freedom Road Bible Church, Walden, New York


“My pastor asked me to find the best marriage material for our small group marriage ministry. I liked ‘Marriage by the Book’ the most of every resource I reviewed. It is biblically based and practical, reminding you of the simple things you don’t think of every day (such as praying together daily as a couple). Our group has seen really positive results from applying these biblical truths.”
— Jeremy and Danielle Milligan, Small Group Leaders, Baptist Temple Church, Reidsville, North Carolina


“Doug Britton does a great job conveying biblical insights about marriage, parenting and other issues. The material is precise and easy to read, yet rich with a lot of information. It challenges you to think hard and take a plan of action to solve problems. Doug’s books go several steps further than most books by giving concrete, real-life examples of what to do and how to do it. This makes it easy to immediately apply the principles he is teaching to my own life.”
— Isaac Ghansah, university professor


‘Marriage by the Book’ helped me examine myself and improve my marriage. I like it because it’s not overwhelming. Simple step-by-step information and exercises cover every type of situation couples find themselves in. My wife and I have been excited to be group leaders and to help others also grow. It’s amazing to see what God is doing in couples’ lives.”
— Tom Henson, contractor, small group leader


‘Marriage by the Book’ is a wonderful tool to help even the best of marriages become better. Doug has provided practical everyday applications of God’s wonderful instruction book for all married couples. Many times it feels as if Doug has been sitting in our home as we have dealt with the issues he addresses. Every married couple should go through this series at least once. We have been married over 35 years, and the last two years since we have been involved with ‘Marriage by the Book’ have been the best by far … and they are just getting better.”
— Bob and April Basura, government employees


Defeating Temptation: Biblical Secrets to Self-Control is easy to understand, Biblical, and encouraging. It would make an excellent textbook for any discipleship program.”
— Lee Reeves, Teen Challenge, Phoenix, Arizona


[Putting Money in its Place,] “by marriage and family counselor Doug Britton provides a helpful resource for those desiring to honor God in their financial practices.”
— Generous Giving (private ministry launched by the Maclellan Foundation)


“We had done all within our capacity to stop a lady who was seriously seeking divorce, but she would not listen. But when our mission member went through your online Bible study on Unscriptural Excuses for Divorce with her, a miracle happened. She wept as they studied and promised not to divorce. Praise the Lord! She has determined to love her husband and work fervently towards enriching her marriage.”
— Mrs. Stella Awuakye, Victorious Family Counseling Mission, Accra, Ghana


Talking with Respect and Love has been very, very helpful. We like the spiritual aspects of it; the biblical verses in every chapter hit home for our group. Putting it all together at the end of the chapters helped couples make concrete plans. It’s just been great for everyone—newly-married couples, people who have been married before, and couples who have been married many years.”
— Vern and Carol Hagedorn, Small Group Members, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Hot Springs, South Dakota


“My husband and I lead a small group study of ‘Marriage by the Book,’ and everyone has gotten something out of this study! Our marriages are being targeted by the enemy, but by using this study we are able to grow in the knowledge of how to build Christ-centered marriages. Having a strong foundation is the armor we need.”
— Stephanie Poellot, Director of Discipleship Ministries, Church on the Rise, Roseburg, Oregon


“We used Talking With Respect and Love from the ‘Marriage by the Book’ series in a small group of mostly young-married couples…. The whole group enjoyed this study.”
— Will Holder,
Small Group Leader, Asbury Church, Petal, Massachusetts


“Each lesson from the ‘Marriage by the Book’ series poses pertinent, thought-provoking questions to be addressed by the couple. The ensuing communication . . . cements biblical truth and sets the couple on a pathway to a stronger marriage bond. The books are filled with God’s wisdom for ordinary and not so ordinary marriage situations. I have personally led small groups and seen many marriages strengthened and renewed.”
— Reverend Brenda Yeadon, Founder, Complementary Rib Ministries


“… Read Doug Britton’s Defeating Temptation. It covers everything, from preventive steps to spiritual warfare to practical steps to seek God’s help. The format and structure have made it a great resource …”
— Jeff Bernal, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Benson, Arizona


Defeating Temptation helps pastors and others deal with—and overcome—any underlying issues, and it provides practical, biblical tools to help them overcome temptation and walk in purity. I heartily recommend this invaluable resource.”
— Jim Braddy, Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Northern California/Nevada


“Our group has been going through Victory Over Anger, Grumpiness and Irritation. Well, I am happy to report that our group has grown to about twice its original size! We were all dealing with anger issues. I always thought I was the only one who had grumpiness and anger issues, but it was wonderful getting together with a group of people, most of whom were previously not really known to me. I was able to share some very very deep thoughts with them, and guess what? “As it turned out, my biggest problem was an addiction I had with smoking marijuana. I realized somewhere along the way that my grumpiness often stemmed from my addiction and my inability to share that with anyone, and most importantly, my unwillingness to give it up. But, during your study, I had a revelation one night and decided that I could no longer go on “leading” this group the way I was hiding my true self from the whole world! “One night as I was reading through one of the chapters to the group, I stopped and I confessed what I had been doing and that I didn’t feel worthy of leading them anymore! Well, they were more than understanding. They in fact found me to be human! Imagine that. “And well, ever since that night I confessed to them, I started cleaning out all the junk I had accumulated over the years (paraphernalia, seeds, rolling papers and the like) and I threw it all in the trash!!! I’m not smoking pot anymore, and I owe it all to my group and your study! I finally got the courage to say ‘Hey, I need to change this,’ and I did it.”
— {Name withheld for privacy}


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