“Marriage by the Book” Videos

Practical • Biblical • Cross-Cultural

Book 1: Laying a Solid Foundation

Chapter 1 Videos: Realize You Are “One Flesh”
Chapter 2 Videos: Focus on Changes You Should Make
Chapter 3 Videos: Throw Yourself Into Your Marriage
Chapter 4 Videos: Commit to Your Marriage
Chapter 5 Videos: Forgive Your Spouse
Chapter 6 Videos: Apologize and Ask for Forgiveness

Book 2: Making Christ the Cornerstone

Chapter 1 Videos: Put God First in Your Personal Life
Chapter 2 Videos: Pray by Yourself for Your Marriage
Chapter 3 Videos: Pray Together Every Day
Chapter 4 Videos: Invite Jesus Into Your Everyday Lives
Chapter 5 Videos: Spend Time Other Christian Couples
Chapter 6 Videos: Serve God Together

Book 3: Encouraging Your Spouse

Chapter 1 Videos: Focus on the Positive
Chapter 2 Videos: Express Love
Chapter 3 Videos: Respect Your Spouse
Chapter 4 Videos: Build Up Your Spouse
Chapter 5 Vidoes: Serve Your Spouse
Chapter 6 Videos: Put Your Spouse First

Book 4: Extending Grace to Your Mate

Chapter 1 Videos: Love Your Spouse As-Is
Chapter 2 Videos: Accept Your Spouse’s Differences
Chapter 3 Videos: Respond to Your Spouse’s Faults with Wisdom
Chapter 4 Videos: Conquer Your Anger
Chapter 5 Videos: Overcome Hurt Feelings and Self-Pity
Chapter 6 Videos: Develop Strength as an Individual

Book 5: Talking with Respect and Love

Chapter 1 Videos: Make a Habit of Talking Every Day
Chapter 2 Videos: Talk About What Matters
Chapter 3 Videos: Listen to Your Spouse
Chapter 4 Videos: Set the Stage for a Good Discussion
Chapter 5 Videos: Discuss Difficult Topics as Friends
Chapter 6 Videos: Overcome Obstacles to Communication

Book 6: Improving Your Teamwork

Chapter 1 Videos: See Yourselves as a Team
Chapter 2 Videos: Husbands, Practice Servant-Leadership
Chapter 3 Videos: Wives, Honor Your Husband
Chapter 4 Videos: Make Decisions as a Couple
Chapter 5 Videos: Practice Teamwork Throughout the Day
Chapter 6 Videos: Overcome Partnership Problems

Book 7: Putting Money in its Place

Chapter 1 Videos: Be a Faithful Steward
Chapter 2 Videos: Set Your Heart on Things Above
Chapter 3 Videos: Practice Teamwork
Chapter 4 Videos: Give Generously
Chapter 5 Videos: Spend Wisely
Chapter 6 Videos: Make and Follow Financial Plans

Book 8: Celebrating Intimacy and Romance

Chapter 1 Videos: Adopt God’s View of Sex
Chapter 2 Videos: Nourish Your Friendship
Chapter 3 Videos: Let God Heal Your Wounds
Chapter 4 Videos: Deal with Your Sexual Sins
Chapter 5 Videos: Set the Stage for Making Love
Chapter 6 Videos: Give Each Other Pleasure

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